A month in the life of a ceramicist #1

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

So this is my first insight for you into what goes on in the daily life of my business Katherine Fortnum Ceramics...

It may surprise you to hear that there's a lot more to a creative business than just making pieces, I hope that you enjoy having a look into what I do.

If you've got any questions or would just like to comment and have a chat please do leave a comment :)


I am in the process of designing a range of new products inspired by my natural series sculptures, I have been working on creating functional forms with tiny details on. At the same time as creating pieces I have to decide on the colours Id like my pieces to be, to do this I have been doing glaze testing.

I create recipes for glazes by analysing what different materials do, some make a glaze shiny, some matte, some oxides are brown whilst others can turn blue or red.

Making the glaze recipes are much like making a cake!

...20 grams of this and 20 grams of that.

This is the finished selection (of one set anyway, I like to batch test my colours up to a 100 different ones at a time!)

I have had some Fab workshops teaching mums and children, they have all been very creative and brought lots of giggles into the workshop!

On the cards trinket boxes and wavy bowls.

Among the creative stuff I've been in the market for a new computer, it is a huge part of my business as it allows me to answer your emails, keep up to date on social media, I use it to edit all the photos I take of my products.

Unfortunately my trusty laptop is slowly dying so I have been looking for a new model.

Hopefully by my next update I'll be up to date using new photo editing software making my creative career that bit faster!

For now though glazing is the priority and my fingers and toes are crossed!

Only 1117 degrees to go!

Thanks for reading!

To check out more of my blog posts visit www.katherinefortnumceramics.com/blog

Katherine :)

Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

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