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Artist Spotlight - David Dunmore

My early career was in Graphic Design and therefore my current work is both illustrative and quite detailed. One of my recent challenges has included a range of botanical subjects and in order to achieve a high standard, I worked alongside a Botanical Artist.

Magnolia by David Dunmore

This work has encouraged me to ‘look’ in greater detail at each subject and particularly their ‘form’.

Botanical painting has required more precision and delicacy, building up layers of colour very gradually. It has also helped to develop increased accuracy in colour mixing.

The Strandline by David Dunmore

Artichoke by David Dunmore

Inspiration has come from the flowers, blossom and seed heads together with hedgerow and wild flowers, found while out walking.

My tutor has also encouraged me to use my newly acquired skills to paint studies of shells, strand line finds and other natural objects.

By David Dunmore

My landscape paintings reflect a love of the English countryside and places where I have walked. I endeavour to bring an element of mood and atmosphere to my work.

Start Point, Devon by David Dunmore

By David Dunmore

Corfe Castle by David Dunmore

By David Dunmore

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