‘Grow On Space’ Exhibition

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Most towns have a hireable exhibition space for local artists but currently Market Harborough doesn’t have one so HAC have been working with Harborough District Council to get local artists work onto the walls of the council buildings.

This morning the new ‘Grow On Space’ in Market Harborough, opposite the leisure centre, at the Compass Point Business Park, opened their doors to companies interested in using the space to work from and HAC started a trial of 6 local artist's work, Marion Holden, Lisa Timmerman, Andrew Wynne, Vicky Keskeys, Barbara Hattan & founding HAC member, Mary Rodgers.

The artwork, which is for sale, with some also for hire, was much admired & enjoyed by all and the prospect of many more local artists being represented in the future, through Harborough Artist’s Cluster’s membership & curation, seems highly likely.

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