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Joy Norman – Mixed Media Artist: new member of the Market Harborough Artists Cluster

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Paper Making

I am a mixed-media artist producing framed work, assemblages, vessels and other decorative items from my home in Blaby, Leicestershire.

I have developed my own style of papermaking over thirty years: creating paper from waste-paper pulp or cotton linters and also working with other handmade papers. I then employ many techniques to achieve the desired result, including impressing, inlay, casting, painting and stitching. Combining the diverse qualities of pulps and papers with textile fragments, organic items and found objects, I aim to create delicate and intriguing decorative pieces.

HAVELOCK (m). From the Norse, meaning, ‘sea contestant’. Photo by Lens-Scape

A deep fascination with fossils and relics is apparent in much of my work. I distress and manipulate many of my creations until they appear reminiscent of archaeological finds or ancient treasures. I am also very much inspired by myths and legends and love creating fantasy creatures, fish and other marine life, with scales, spines and trailing tendrils.

REA (f) From the Greek, meaning, ‘in a stream’. Photo by Lens-Scape

I am currently working on a series entitled, Miss Clara Knight’s Curious Collections She is my imaginary creation, but the series does seem to have developed a life of its own…

Miss Clara Knight’s Curious Collections by Joy Norman

‘Seashore Specimens’, explores the nature of collecting and the items we feel are precious or personal. Partly inspired by the Devon coastline with its rich geological and archaeological heritage, the coastal paths, beaches and rock pools are the perfect setting for Miss Clara Knight and her father to search for strange and curious objects of natural history in the early/mid Victorian era.

Miss Clara Knight and her father, Professor Godfrey Knight, (an eminent Professor of Archaeology), are staying at the home of relatives: Mr and Mrs Idris Knight and their young son, William. Each individual framed piece or assemblage in this series has Clara’s journal-style annotations. In all of these pieces, the main specimen is an object that I have created using handmade paper pulp. Some of these collections also include photos of Clara and her relatives, a selection of her other finds: (which includes genuine fossils, stones etc) and more personal ephemera from her visit, such as antique buttons and lace.

Seashore Specimens (vi) by Joy Norman

I have exhibited my work in many galleries, including The City Gallery, Leicester, The Ferrers Gallery, Staunton Harold, Harding House Gallery, Lincoln and Snibston Discovery Museum.

I am a member of The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists, the Tesserae Textile Group and the Lutterworth Stitchers.

Seashore Specimens (x) by Joy Norman



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