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Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, which is located in Little Elborow Street in Rugby, is showing its annual Open exhibition from November 17th 2018 to January 12th 2019.

This great exhibition space is brilliantly curated by Katie Boyce and her team. The gallery has recently extended entry acceptance into Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands, so now Harborough Artists Cluster members will be able to submit their work for consideration into future ‘Opens’.

'Liverpool' by Roger Bradley

Marion, Roger and Danièle have all had their work accepted this year, so please come along and see for yourselves. As ever, we believe that entering ‘Opens’, visiting galleries and exhibitions, working collaboratively and taking part in Open Studios, Art Windows etc. stimulates our creativity and challenges us to keep making new work.

‘Paper Dreams’ by Danièle Bradley

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